Regnerus Doc Dump

Today, to coincide with the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, I am releasing public records that are relevant to the controversy surrounding Mark Regnerus and the publication of his discredited, anti-gay New Family Structures Study.

These documents were obtained through open records requests. The University of Central Florida is still withholding certain records covered under a request I made of them, and my lawsuit — which seeks to compel the release of said records — is currently pending in circuit court in Orange County, Florida.

Emails Relating to the Publication of the Mark Regnerus Study

Wright to Sherkat at on Encyclopedia Oct 2011 by JohnMBecker

WrightToAmatoBeACommentatorAmatoEggebeenRosenfeld by JohnMBecker

WrightToMarkOnOsborneAndHePushedBackProductionApril26-2012 by JohnMBecker

From Elsevier Most Downloaded Papers by JohnMBecker

Wright to Regnerus About Petition by JohnMBecker

WrightToMarkAndRegneusOnWilliamsInstituteStudyByDonBarrett by JohnMBecker

Wright to Regnerus June 25 Calm by JohnMBecker

WrightCommentingOnChristianSmithArticleToJasinskiAndDonley by JohnMBecker

WrightTellsSherkatNotToReadCommentsToHisAuditJuly27-2012 by JohnMBecker

ICantBelievePPLAreStillInterestedPlusRoseJuly27-2012 by JohnMBecker

WrightAndSherkatAtDenverASA by JohnMBecker

WrightToSherkatIDidNotPublishGatesReviewOfYourAudit by JohnMBecker

Wright Quoting Sherkat to Not Reveal to Jasinski by JohnMBecker

WrightToWilcoxAboutHisJobWitherspoonOct1-2012 by JohnMBecker

Regnerus Crap and Benjamin Franklin by JohnMBecker

Sherkat Encyclopedia and Rose by JohnMBecker

Wright on Schumm to Reporter by JohnMBecker

ReporterInsideHigherEdPotential Conflict of Interest Involving NFSS(1) by JohnMBecker

Information Provided by the University of Texas

UT FOIA March 13 2013 FOIAofSherkatFOIA by JohnMBecker

UT FOIA May 28 -1-WilcoxEMailsFamilyGroupsConstruction by JohnMBecker

UT FOIA May 28 -2-AmatoEMails by JohnMBecker

UT FOIA May 30 -2 QuickReportOfExpenses by JohnMBecker

UT FOIA May 30 -3VouchersOfPaymentToConsultants by JohnMBecker

Accounting PayeesInfoOn66PageVouchersMay30 FOIA AlphaSort by JohnMBecker

Accounting FOIA RequestForVouchers by JohnMBecker

Accounting BalanceSheetsData May30FOIA AlphaSort by JohnMBecker

Arevalo Salary by JohnMBecker


2007CovenantMarriageBookMaggieGallagher1 by JohnMBecker

2007 Covenant Book Ask Maggie for Money by JohnMBecker

2007CovenantBookAskMaggieForMoney2 by JohnMBecker

2007 My Buddy Steve Nock by JohnMBecker

2007NockSurveyCallingPeopleSuckers by JohnMBecker

2007SSMProjectWrightThinksGaySexASin by JohnMBecker

2007SSMPlanningNorvalGlenInvitedAmatoOnBoard by JohnMBecker

2007SSMPlanningAug2007AmatoAndWilcox by JohnMBecker

2007SSMRandolphWontFundTryTempleton by JohnMBecker

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