Chilling: Hate Group Leader Says We Don’t Need Armed Anti-LGBT Revolution “Yet”

kenyn_cureton_frcWell this is freaky…

Kenyn Cureton, Vice President for Church Ministries at the Family Research Council (an SPLC-certified anti-gay hate group), railed against the evils of homosexuality at a recent event sponsored by the FRC’s “Watchmen on the Walls” ministry.

At a recent event that included anti-gay luminaries like Baltimore Catholic Archbishop William Lori, Texas Tea Party Sen. Ted Cruz, and homophobic Fox commentator Todd Starnes, Cureton told the ministers in the audience that they needed to stand up and fight against LGBT equality in a new “spiritual revolution.”

He continued:

Some might ask, ‘Are you calling for armed conflict?’

No I’m not. Not yet.

That’s right, “not yet.” Cureton is apparently reserving the right to call for armed attacks on LGBT Americans at some later date.


He then went on to explain that opponents of equality have “other ways [they] can solve these problems if [they] would just register to vote and do it.” Of course, by “problems,” Cureton was referring to LGBT people, and especially to loving and committed same-sex couples like Michael and me.

We can never let our guard down, folks. The pace of progress on LGBT rights is moving faster and faster, and our opponents are freaked out. Not only that, they’re lashing out — with violent words and violent acts.

We must continue marching forward, but we can never stop calling the extremists out and holding them accountable.

h/t: GLAAD

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