German Cardinal: Women Should Stay at Home, Have Babies

cardinal_meisnerIn an interview last week with the German newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung, Cardinal Joachim Meisner — Archbishop of Cologne and the leader of German Catholicism’s conservative wing — said that the country should focus less on immigration and more on procreation in addressing its declining birthrate.

Criticizing German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy of encouraging foreigners to come to Germany as guest workers, Meisner said,

Where are women really publicly encouraged to stay at home and have three or four children? One should intervene here and not – as Mrs Merkel does currently – present immigration as the solution to our demographic problem.

We cannot take the young people away from Portugal and Spain and thus rob their countries of their future just out of egotism. We should train these unemployed people and offer them perspectives, but then allow them to return home where they are needed. [emphasis added]

Translation: the German government should encourage women to leave their careers and become broodmares for the state.

Eesh. Call me crazy, but hearing nativist motherhood propaganda from the mouth of a high-profile German gives me the creeps, especially because this same prelate previously compared abortion in that country with the Holocaust. Seriously.

Originally published at the Bilerico Project.

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    Zeig Heil! This guy is apparently a reincarnated NAZI COLLABORATING PRELATE! If the Roman Catholic Church — of which I’m a practicing member– keeps operating like this, Jesus Himself is going to disown and disavow it as a representation of His Transmission and His Core Teaching: “Love One Another, As I Have Loved You!”

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