BREAKING: Far-Right Catholic Activist Commits Suicide in Notre Dame Cathedral Over Same-Sex Marriage

notre_dame_cathedralAccording to multiple sources, the iconic cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris was evacuated today after a far-right Catholic activist went to the altar and shot himself in the mouth. The suicide, which was witnessed by hundreds of tourists, appears to have been a protest against same-sex marriage.

The UK’s Daily Mail reports:

The Cathedral was full of visitors when the horrific incident took place, at around 4pm.

‘There was screaming and lot so shouting following a loud bang,’ said one witness. ‘People were naturally very scared and began to run out in panic.

‘Police and other emergency workers including firemen got here very quickly, and then the whole cathedral was evacuated.’

Dominique Venner, age 78, was a well-known essayist and a former member of a paramilitary group known as the Secret Army Organization (OAS), which waged a bombing and assassination campaign in the early 1960s to protest France giving Algeria its independence.

dominique_vennerMr. Venner was also close to the anti-marriage equality movement and an outspoken critic of France’s new marriage equality law, which President François Hollande signed on Saturday. He made no verbal statement before he shot himself, but a letter was found on his person. The contents of Mr. Venner’s letter have not yet been released.

However, just before killing himself, Venner published a disturbing post on his blog today in which he gave a scathing critique of marriage equality and may have alluded to his suicidal intentions:

[Preventing marriage equality] certainly will require new, spectacular, and symbolic actions to wake up the sleep walkers, shake the anaesthetized consciousness, and awaken the memory of our origins. We are entering a time when words must be authenticated by acts…

It is here and now that our destiny is played until the final second. And this final second has as much importance as the rest of a life. That is why we need to be ourselves until the very last instant.

It seems that Mr. Venner chose to end his life so that he wouldn’t have to live to see the day when loving and committed same-sex couples in France are able to marry. What a tragedy, that others’ happiness would make this man want to die.

How profoundly sad. Mr. Venner’s family has my sympathies.


  1. Rachel Goldin

    Um, suicide does nothing to promote one’s opinions. If he’d rather be dead than see a world with marriage equality in it, then he’s accomplished his aim. However, it’s not going to prevent one gay couple anywhere from taking advantage of the opportunity to live well with the ones they love. The plumbing is irrelevant.

  2. Joe

    If he was a true and believing Catholic he would never have done this. It just goes to show how pathetically insane some of these activists are.

  3. bruce d

    Seriously…who cares? The man was filled with such anger and such hatred towards loving gay men and women, and…his mental illness finally took over. The end. Now, let’s move on.

  4. john ferguson

    It was not the happiness of others that caused his profound sadness, it was his own warped sense of what it means to be a person, specifically a man. His act is also un-Catholic. In another time he would not be given a funeral, his act is such an act of, and so a sin of despair.

  5. Ned Carter

    Good Riddance. If his religion is correct he gets to spend eternity with everything he despised… but a terrorist didn’t have much chance making it to heaven anyway. /Spit

  6. mighty

    Suicide being a big no no in the catholic church, I guess he wasnt such a good catholic after all.

  7. Friends

    He was flat-a** wrong on the issue of his private judgment of loving and committed partners. He f**ked up, BIG TIME, by killing himself in protest. However, if he TRULY loved Jesus, then The Lord Himself will recognize and forgive His Own, and will save him anyway, in spite of his tragic stupidity on the issue. “Let he who is without sin among you cast the first stone”!

    • John

      Hey Sheryl! I checked the Wikipedia entry and that text wasn’t there when I checked. Keep in mind that especially for controversial figures and/or people who died in controversial circumstances, proponents and opponents of theirs will often change their Wikipedia article in order to make that person look better/worse, or to distort the facts. Everything I’m seeing says Venner was a conservative, traditionalist Catholic, not a pagan.

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