Paraguay Politician: If My Son Marries a Man I’ll Shoot My Balls Off

horacio_cartesAnd now, in the you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up department —

Horacio Cartes, the frontrunner in the Paraguayan presidential election, has caused quite the controversy in this landlocked South American nation after making a series of bizarre anti-gay remarks in a recent radio interview.

According to a clearly uncomfortable New York Times, Cartes “theatrically threatened to inflict harm on his own private parts if his 28-year-old son were to seek to marry another man.”

Cartes’s actual words when the host asked for his views on same-sex marriage were even more direct:

I would shoot myself in the balls, because I do not agree. I’ll shoot my own balls, sincerely! [My son] isn’t short of anything in life.

Mr. Cartes, I’d like to offer this response on behalf of the LGBT community:

Seriously, can you believe this man might actually be the president of an actual country?

Cartes also said that being gay is not “normal,” likened gay people to “monkeys,” and claimed that marriage equality would bring about “the end of the world.”

paraguay_mapEfraín Alegre, Cartes’s rival, doesn’t support marriage equality but said he was open to debate on the issue. He said Cartes’s remarks represent “the Paraguay of the past,” noting that “[same-sex relationship recognition] is something that needs to be discussed in society.” Recent polls suggest that momentum has been shifting in Alegre’s direction.

Paraguay will hold its presidential election on Sunday.


  1. Denny

    “Seriously, can you believe this man might actually be the president of an actual country?” Good question. Is Paraguay an actual country? Or merely the former refuse for a cadre of Nazi’s. What a history this place has! A landing spot for Jose Peron and Dr. Josef Mengele. Human rights abuses? Perfected in Paraguay.

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