Marriage Equality Update: Colombia, Delaware

It’s a mixed bag in marriage equality news today. First, from Colombia, as reported by Gay Star News:

The Colombian Senate decides to suspend marriage equality vote until Tuesday (23 April) by a vote of 35-30.

Only 65 senators attended the vote out of the Senate’s 102 members.

During an intense discussion that started today (17 April) at 5pm local time, the Senate unexpectedly postponed the vote on the equal marriage bill.

The decision was made following a proposal of the Senator Juan Restrepo of the ruling ‘U’ party, who pointed out that the debate ‘was very important’ for country’s future and that therefore it should be delayed.

35 senators voted in favor of the proposition while 30 opposed, three hours later.

As is typical, conservatives resorted to mudslinging and claims of martyrdom:

While Luis Carlos Henao, vice president of the right wing Families Forum, warned that homosexuals seek ‘to destroy marriage’ and ‘society’, citing discredited research of the conservative anti-gay US based Family Institute about the ‘unhealthy’ nature of gay relationships which leads to ‘diseases’.

Mario Cely, an ‘expert’ in anthropology and theology, said that ‘it has been found’ that children raised by same-sex couples suffer from disorders and that ‘homosexual marriage is an unprecedented and dangerous experiment’.

And apparently, there was even a hint of scandal:

Senate president Roy Barreras was recently exposed for signing an agreement with an evangelical leader not to allow marriage equality to be voted upon or become law.

As I wrote yesterday, though, opponents of marriage equality in Colombia are merely postponing the inevitable: that nation’s Constitutional Court ruled in 2011 that if the Colombian Congress fails to create marriage or its equivalent for same-sex couples by June 20, 2013, the Court will automatically create it for them.

delaware_assemblyThe news out of Delaware is much better: Equality Delaware reported yesterday that the Delaware House Administration Committee voted 4-1 to send marriage equality legislation to the House floor. According to Zack Ford at ThinkProgress, the bill is expected to pass both houses of the Delaware General Assembly and Democratic Governor Jack Markell has pledged to sign it into law. The state’s entire Congressional delegation and 54% of voters support the freedom to marry.

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