Poll: Most Americans Think U.S. Constitution, Not States, Should Decide Marriage Equality

marriage_equality_constitutionQuinnipiac University released a poll this week which showed, just as pretty much every recent poll has, that a majority of Americans believe same-sex couples should have the freedom to marry.

But even more significantly, the poll found that a large majority of Americans (56%-36%) also feel that marriage equality is a constitutional issue — that is, one that should be decided by the United States Constitution, not by a patchwork of individual state laws.

The poll also revealed that 65 percent of Americans — including 57 percent of respondents over 55 and 71 percent of those under 35 — say they have close friends or close relatives who they know to be gay or lesbian. As veteran LGBT activist David Mixner points out, this just goes to show that coming out of the closet remains the single most important action LGBT people can take in the fight for equality.

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