Fox News’ Anti-Gay Catholic Priest Doesn’t Want You to Call Him a Bigot

gerald_murrayAs the crusade against same-sex marriage looks more and more hopeless, equality opponents have taken to claiming victimhood — asserting that they, not the people whose rights they work so hard to suppress, are the ones being bullied, oppressed, and persecuted.

The latest example of this is Fr. Gerald Murray of New York’s Church of the Holy Family. He complained to Faux Noise FOX News host Megyn Kelly earlier this week that when it comes to marriage equality, it isn’t the Catholic Church that’s being intolerant, it’s those pesky gays who want equal treatment under the law:

You can caricature Christian teaching and call it bigotry and that’s reasonable speech on the left these days. This nonsense that we want to disadvantage blacks, when we say that homosexual activity is sinful, to call that equivalent to denying them their basic rights — no, we’re telling them if you want to live a good life, you have to follow what Jesus said. Basically, this is an attack on our freedom to preach what we believe.

Murray lamented:

They used to want to debate the merits of gay marriage. Now, they simply want to assert that this is the only rational and Christian thing to do, and historic Christianity and the Catholic Church says absolutely not. There’s no such thing as gay marriage. You can name something marriage. It’s not that. But, instead of debating me on that, they want to say, ‘You’re a bigot. You’re equal to a racist. You’re equal to an anti-feminist’ and all the rest, and I say, hold on, that’s not the reality at all. We love everyone, including sinners of all types, but we don’t tell the sinner, well, you’d like to have a legal recognition for your relationship, go ahead and have it. We don’t do that.


Sorry, dude, no dice. First of all, as I wrote earlier this week when Cardinal Dolan claimed to “love” gays, you don’t “love” someone by denigrating their loving and committed relationships. You can call that a lot of things, but you can’t honestly call it love.

Second, nobody’s attacking your freedom to preach or believe whatever bigoted views you want. What we’re attacking is your presumption that you’re entitled to write those religious beliefs into our civil law.

Third, I’m glad that being called a bigot makes you feel uncomfortable. It should. But if you don’t want to be called a bigot, then stop preaching bigotry. It’s really that simple. If you’re going to continue spreading bigotry, we’re going to continue correctly calling it out for what it is. Don’t expect us to just stop calling you a bigot because it makes you feel sad.

Hate wrapped in the name of God is still hate. Bigotry in the name of religion is still bigotry. I’m so sorry it makes you squirm, but the truth hurts, doesn’t it Father?

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  1. Raymond Weaver

    This from a member of the Church that took 600 years to admit that Galileo was right about earth not being the center of the Universe. This from a member of the Church that thought saving its own ass and face was more important than Justice for how many hundreds(?) of sexually abused of children by priests whom they were taught to trust.

    Excuse my rudeness, but shut up

  2. bronxtwinnette Gross

    Not everyone in the world is Catholic – and no matter what the Catholic church believes, the United States is not a Catholic country. We have civil laws, which SHOULD pertain to everyone. Second, no one is telling the Catholic church that they have to perform same-sex marriages. Third, regardless of what anyone thinks, no one is trying to re-define marriage. LGBT citizens want the same thing as heterosexual couples have – the legal right to be with the person they love and care for. The SAME thing – nothing different. Fourth, I’m sick and tired of these bigots playing the victim. Yes, it’s alright to hate you and try to legislate laws that damage you and your families, and beat you up and bully you – and how dare you tell me I don’t have the right to do that! Well, you know, people can think what they want. Just keep it in your own head. But once you go out and try to legislate laws against the group you dislike; once you abuse them and subject them to physical harm and worse – then don’t tell me you’re not a bigot! People like Murray like to hide behind their religion – as long as G-d says this or that, then I have the right to discriminate against you! I KNOW what G-d wants. Again, that’s crap! They are all fighting a losing battle – they’re scared – because they feel they’re losing control. Well, it’s a new world and they need to wake up and smell the coffee.

    • Raymond Weaver

      Strip churches of their power to perform legal marriage ceremonies. If their adherents wish to engage in a religious ceremony make it separate from the civil authority.

    • Defendthefaith

      the problem is, the US government is telling the Catholic Church that they have to perform same sex marriages. Chaplains in the military are being told that they have to marry same-sex couples, even though it goes against what they believe in. Listen I don’t mind people arguing against my Catholic faith, go ahead, go at it, we’re a Divine Institution that is run by a human race, but at least get your facts straight. Secondly, lets go ahead and tackle the author of this article. What Father Murray is saying is true, he is not discriminating against the sinner, but the sin itself. Since it is obvious that people want to bring up the history of the Catholic Church and how we have many times messed up, guess what no one is perfect and in the role of the rise and fall of empires and countries, nation-states, most times Same-Sex, gay and lesbian activities, rise in alcoholism, rise in social and political issues tackled with a fall in economic development has caused the very fall of society and the very fall of civil institutions. Remember, yes We have messed up in our 2000 years of being around, but guess what, we are still going. We have watched the fall of Rome, the fall of the Arabian Empires, the dark ages, the middle ages, we have seen the rise of great nations, like this one United States, and we have seen what works and what does not. Where does your civil law come from? What is the basis of your civil law? Did you know that the “Civil Law” of the United States was built off biblical scripture and free thought philosophists of the time period? We have lost the path of enlightening our minds in truth and have started to bask in the unending darkness of a soul without a transcendent thought. We have entered into an age that is Godless, that has lost all sense of itself and what it means to be a human person. This is not about religion, or faith, this is about the good of the human person. When a child wants something, the parents have to tell them no, and if you don’t then its quite obvious that your a horrible parent and your kids are going to be a Prat. People want this same-sex marriage, people want to be able to have abortions, is this good for our society? For the very soul of the human person? No, many people usually regret abortion and same-sex marriage does nothing to further our society. Stop being a push over and start thinking of what’s good for society, this isn’t about the individual this is about the community. I have many gay friends, I love all of them, I have told them I will not support their relationships though because I feel they are 1) sinful and against the very foundation of the human person and the sexual creation that we are and 2) They do not benefit the society, nor do they allow for the society to grow and flourish as a people. Do I still love them? Yes, but I despise the sin. I would give my life for any of them, I would sacrifice myself for their good, but I will not agree with their decision.

      • John

        “Defendthefaith,” you open your screed by saying “the problem is, the US government is telling the Catholic Church that they have to perform same sex marriages.”

        There is literally no truth to this. There has never, ever been one instance — not ONE — of any state government (oh yeah, *states* perform marriages, not “the US government) forcing the Catholic Church or any other faith tradition to marry a couple against their will. That does not happen and has not happened. Not once. The rest of your argument is equally unhinged.

        And *you* want to tell *me* to “get [my] facts straight?!?” That’s almost laughably ridiculous.

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