UPDATED: Michelle Shocked Live at 11 Eastern

michelle_shocked5UPDATED: that hour was absolutely brutal. Sandler did an incredible job, but Shocked ducked the interview. She then tried to talk with Sandler via Twitter, later answered the phone but had her radio on, complained about the standard audio delay, and read random snippets of the statement she released yesterday, then hung up again and continued tweeting cryptically. After this latest episode I’m more convinced than ever that Michelle Shocked has had some kind of mental breakdown. I’m concerned about her safety and hope she gets the help she needs. Read David Badash’s report on the non-interview here, and watch video of the interview below.

ORIGINAL POST: Radio host Nicole Sandler will interview disgraced folk singer Michelle Shocked today for her online show, “Radio or Not,” at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time. (Yes, in 10 minutes.)

Journalist and blogger extraordinaire David Badash at the New Civil Rights Movement posted the live stream, and I’ve included a link here. I’ll be interested to hear Shocked try and explain herself, especially after audio of her anti-gay rant emerged yesterday which refuted her claims that she’d been “misinterpreted.”



  1. Michelle Boyer

    I think she is a coward to not come forward to explain herself. She made these arrangements to do it. Just be honest… You have otherwise lost your fan base. Might already be too late to salvage your career.

  2. Dennis Reeder

    Nicole you are beating a dead horse. Let it go. Shocked is a mess. She probably is, as you suggested, “fucking insane”.

  3. bamBA

    I was as outraged as anyone early this week but time has revealed that she’s clearly in the throes of a psychotic episode. Delusional, paranoid, grandiose, disorganized thinking.. I can’t hold someone that is so clearly ill responsible for the nonsense that comes out when they’re in this state. This is acute mental illness not the face of pure evil and continuing to gawk at or protest her says more about us than… well, I’ve had enough of it. I hope she finds real help, quickly.

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