Marriage Equality Round-Up/Catch-Up: Pediatricians Endorse Equality, SCOTUS Audio

gay_wedding_cake_topperThe last couple days I’ve been preoccupied with the Michelle Shocked fiasco, so I haven’t had a chance to post a few stories about a topic far nearer and dearer to my heart: marriage equality. And there’s been some big news! So we’ll get right to it, short and sweet:

Supreme Court Audio Recordings: the U.S. Supreme Court announced on Tuesday that it would release same-day audio recordings and transcripts from oral arguments in the challenges to DOMA and Prop 8. Generally, the court releases audio recordings at the end of each week; the New York Times reports that the last time same-day recordings were released was when it heard arguments about the Affordable Care Act last year.

For Hollingsworth v. Perry on Tuesday, the recording will be available on the Supreme Court website by 1 p.m. For United States v. Windsor on Wednesday, the recording will be available by 2 p.m.

American Academy of Pediatrics Endorses Marriage Equality: the professional organization for American pediatrics came out in support of the freedom to marry in a policy statement issued today. The statement, which says that allowing same-sex parents to marry is in the best interests of their children, comes after a four-year-long review of the scientific literature surrounding same-sex parenting. The New York Times reports:

The academy’s new policy statement says same-sex marriage helps guarantee rights, benefits and long-term security for children, while acknowledging that it does not now ensure access to federal benefits. When marriage is not an option, the academy said, children should not be deprived of foster care or adoption by single parents or couples, whatever their sexual orientation…

The academy cited research finding that a child’s well-being is much more affected by the strength of relationships among family members and a family’s social and economic resources than by the sexual orientation of the parents. “There is an emerging consensus, based on extensive review of the scientific literature, that children growing up in households headed by gay men or lesbians are not disadvantaged in any significant respect relative to children of heterosexual parents,” the academy said.

A large body of evidence demonstrates that children raised by gay or lesbian parents fare as well in emotional, cognitive and social functioning as peers raised by heterosexuals, the academy said.

Take that, Mark Regnerus!

I’ll close with a heartening quote from a USA Today article about yet another poll showing a “dramatic shift” in support for marriage equality:

While many polls have documented growing support as the Supreme Court prepares to hear two cases next week, the poll by the Pew Research Center survey shows why:

— Support among Millennials — young adults born since 1980 — has risen from 51% in 2003 to 70% today. No other age group tops 50%.

— Nearly one-third of gay marriage supporters, or 28%, say they have changed their minds — most often because they know someone who is gay. Nearly all those who oppose it have always done so.

As a result, Pew reported, “The rise in support for same-sex marriage over the past decade is among the largest changes in opinion on any policy issue over this time period.” [emphasis mine]

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