Marriage Equality Round-Up: Finland, France

Here’s the latest marriage equality news from Europe.

finland1First, Finland — after a disappointing March 1 vote by the Legal Affairs Committee of the Finnish parliament rejecting a proposed marriage equality bill, citizens decided to take measures into their own hands. They launched the “I Do 2013″ campaign yesterday, with the goal of gathering the 50,000 petition signatures required to force lawmakers to consider the bill.

They met that goal in just one day. In fact, the demand from the public was so overwhelming that the website where citizens could sign the petition crashed. As of this morning, more than 107,000 adult Finns had signed on to the initiative.

Finland is the only Nordic country that does not allow same-sex couples the freedom to marry. Norway and Sweden passed equal marriage laws in 2009, Iceland in 2010, and Denmark in 2012.

IMG_3567Next, FranceGay Star News reports that the Law Commission of the French Senate has approved the marriage and adoption equality bill passed last month by the National Assembly. It will go before the full Senate within fifteen days, where it’s expected to pass. Pro-equality French President François Hollande, a strong LGBT rights supporter, has pledged to sign it into law.

According to Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira, marriage equality in France will be a done deal by summer.

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