Video of the Day: 12-Year-Old With Gay Parents Reads Letter to Chief Justice Roberts

Dear readers: it’s 1:00pm here on the East Coast, so that means that those of you who are reading this at work are very likely either just coming back from your lunch break (Eastern Time), going on your lunch break (Central Time), preparing to go on your lunch break (Mountain Time), or thinking ahead to your lunch break (Pacific Time).

daniel_martinezWherever you are, I hope you’ll take four minutes out of your lunch break — or some other part of your day today — to watch this incredibly touching video from Daniel Martinez, a 12-year-old boy from California, who along with his sister was adopted by a gay couple. When Martinez and his dads found out (presumably thanks to the fallout from NOM chairman John Eastman’s comments last week slamming adoptive families as “second best”) that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has two adopted daughters of his own, the boy decided to write him a letter and read it on video.

Watch Daniel Martinez’s video below, but I give you fair warning: you’ll want tissues handy. I absolutely lost it when this beautiful little boy described how he felt before his dads came into his life:

When I was in foster care, I was told that I was considered unadoptable because of my Goldenhar syndrome. That is a genetic disorder that affects the whole left side of my body. I lost my little brother Emilio because some people wanted to adopt him but they weren’t willing to adopt me because of my medical conditions. Lucky for me, that’s when my two dads came along.

Martinez then talks about what family means to him and how much he loves his two wonderful dads:

Please watch Daniel’s video and share it widely. When all of us equality activists talk about how marriage discrimination hurts families, this is what we mean.

I hope Chief Justice Roberts and his colleagues on the Supreme Court think about their own families as they decide whether or not to uphold DOMA and Proposition 8 – because as Daniel says, all families deserve to be protected and valued.

To NOM: this beautiful child is not “second best.” His family is not “second best.” Shame on you.

To Jay and Bryan, Daniel’s dads: you must be so proud. Thank you for sharing your story and your beautiful family with us.

h/t: The Advocate

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