Scott Walker Dodges Marriage Equality Question

scott_walker_meetthepressIn an interview yesterday on NBC’s Meet the Press, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker demurred and deflected when host David Gregory asked him about Sen. Rob Portman’s historic endorsement of marriage equality and whether Walker believed it was indicative of a sea change in opinions on the issue within the Republican Party.

Instead of simply answering the question, Walker ducked and dodged, noting that Wisconsin passed a marriage discrimination amendment (not “years ago” as he claimed, but in 2006). He also disingenuously implied that Wisconsinites don’t really want to focus on the freedom-to-marry issue, then changed the subject entirely.

What a coward. And as far as his ridiculous claim that Wisconsinites are somehow uncaring and apathetic about marriage equality goes, there are committed LGBT students, allies, parents, activists, and organizations across the state that would beg to differ.

Let’s hope equality-minded residents of the Badger State let Walker know how wrong he is. Click here to contact him via his office website, here for Facebook, and here for Twitter.

h/t: Sunnivie Brydum at the Advocate

h/t: Sunnivie Brydum at the Advocate.

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  1. Carol Schmidt

    I am a lifelong resident of Wisconsin. I want the right to marry my partner, Mr. Walker. I have been vocal on LGBT rights my entire life. A past democratic governor gave us equal protection under the law. The likes of you & other republicans want to keep us from marrying & are trying to take away those protections as well.
    Apparently you haven’t noticed all the LGBT Pride events in our state promoting equality for everyone. The largest one being in Milwaukee every year for more than 20 years with upwards of 30,000 attending. Open your eyes & your mind.

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