Alaska Republicans Laugh at Civil Unions

alaska_gop_laughterAlaska’s GOP House Majority Caucus held a press conference on Friday to unveil a list of so-called “Guiding Principles,” which it says it will use as a “moral compass” during the current legislative session.

Reporter Mark Miller of the Juneau Empire brought to the panel’s attention a recent Public Policy poll that found only 30% of Alaskans opposed to any form of relationship recognition for same-sex couples; he then asked if Alaska’s House Republicans would support the legalization of domestic partnerships or civil unions.

The panel responded by literally laughing at Miller’s question. (Acknowledging same-sex couples and families? How absurd!) Once House Majority Leader Lance Pruitt was able to contain himself, he responded that no, they would not. After all, Pruitt said, the Republican House Majority Caucus is concerned with “the things that really allow people to have a great life,” not discussion of “what happens inside [one’s] home.”

Because remember, it’s not about basic protections like hospital visitation, the ability to inherit a partner’s estate in the absence of a will, or the right to take family medical leave to care for a sick partner. Domestic partnerships and civil unions are all about sex.

Enjoy your laughter while it lasts, Alaska Republicans, because the truth is that equality is coming — not just domestic partnerships or separate-but-equal civil unions, but full marriage equality. Relationship recognition for gay and lesbian couples may be a controversial issue now, but demographically, it’s a done deal. Years from now, your poor children and grandchildren are going to be incredibly ashamed at the way you so haughtily stood on the wrong side of history.

Watch Alaska’s House Republican leaders laugh at the thought of recognizing same-sex couples:

h/t: Andy Belonsky, Towleroad
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  2. Jennifer Tidd

    These idiots don’t get that the biggest piece of equality for LGBT people is about economics! The rights straight people like me enjoy because of our marriage impact us economically immensely, for insurance benefits, taxes, and many many other considerations. Gay people CAN perform a private marriage ceremony anywhere in the 50 states in America. What they’re asking for isn’t to marry actually, but for their marriages to be viewed by states and the federal government as EQUAL legally to their straight counterparts. This mentality that religious people are blocking gay people from marrying, staying together, having physical relations, adopting children or whatever their other specious arguments are is entirely a false premise. The issue at hand is, do we as a government honor the concept of equality and justice for ALL people or do we just pay those principles lip service when we blather on about them? Justice and equality mean too much to me as an American citizen and a patriot not to extend them to all who ask for them. These dismissive laughs say far more about the people dismissing the young man than they do about the civil recognition he’s very reasonably asking for. How tragic really.

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