IL Catholic Bishop Has a Valentine’s Day Message About Marriage Equality

thomas_paprockiProving once again that Catholic leaders have no qualms about shamelessly hijacking celebrations of love in order to attack LGBT people, Springfield, Illinois Bishop Thomas Paprocki decided that the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday — the same day the Illinois Senate plans to pass a marriage equality bill — would be a perfect time to trivialize the relationships and marriages of loving, committed same-sex couples.

In a display of stunning arrogance, Paprocki issued a statement yesterday in which he likens the fight against marriage equality to the way early Christians resisted persecution in 3rd-century Rome. And he even goes so far as to claim the mantle of martyrdom, likening St. Valentine’s priestly service to the early church (which ultimately cost him his life) to the modern-day Catholic Church’s unholy crusade to preserve marriage discrimination:


See that? In the Gospel According to Paprocki, it is literally impossible for “sinful” same-sex relationships to be based on love (“Love never encourages sin or leads a person further into sin, but seeks instead to help others live a holy life.“); marriage equality is harmful “as known by reason” (read: “Because I said so,” since there is literally no evidence to support this tired, baseless claim); and Catholics who do support, promote, and/or vote for equal marriage are “against” the Church and harming “the common good of society.” Oh, and in case anyone wonders what real love looks like for gays and lesbians — since, you know, they’re utterly incapable of feeling it towards each other — it involves suppressing your sexuality and closing yourself off to meaningful romantic companionship forever.

Amen. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    I’m still a Catholic, solely because of the Church’s magnificent mystical traditions. Check out the work of Fr. Thomas Merton, Dom Bede Griffiths, and St. John of the Cross. But these guys like Paprocki are friggin’ NUT JOBS. They’re just as fallible as the rest of us — except that they don’t have the honesty to label their opinions as precisely that: merely their own opinions. Other faithful Catholics have other opinions. That’s the way it is.They need to learn to deal with it.

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