Catholic Bishops Won’t Support Immigration Reform if it’s LGBT-Inclusive

immigration_equalityWhoa. Proving again that the leaders of the Catholic Church will stop at literally nothing to hurt LGBT people, couples, and families — however and wherever they can, regardless of who they may hurt or what deeply-held principles they have to ignore in the process — the Associated Press is reporting that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have sent a strongly-worded letter to President Obama about his plans to provide a much-needed overhaul to the country’s immigration system, going so far as to threaten to oppose the President’s proposal and “[jeopardize] passage of the bill.”

Why would the Catholic Church, a longtime advocate for immigrant rights and a staunch proponent of a fairer immigration system, suddenly threaten to oppose reform? You guessed it: because the proposals from the President and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus have the nerve to recognize and include LGBT people:

Proposals by President Barack Obama and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus include the same-sex partners of Americans among those who would be eligible for visas. The Human Rights Campaign and other gay advocates welcomed the recognition, arguing current laws unfairly treat people in gay or lesbian relationships “as strangers.” The idea has the backing of the National Council de la Raza and other liberal Latino groups.

But Catholic bishops, with the support of evangelicals and other theological conservatives, have sent a letter to Obama protesting his proposal. In a sign of the sensitivity of the issue, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops would not provide a copy of the statement, saying the signatories agreed not to make the letter public. Sister Mary Ann Walsh, a spokeswoman for the bishops, would say only that recognition of gay couples in the president’s reform proposals “jeopardizes passage of the bill.”

Unless you're gay, that is.
Unless you’re gay, that is.

You read that correctly. The Catholic Church is willing to throw the eleven million undocumented immigrants in this country under the bus unless the Obama administration is willing to degrade and exclude binational LGBT families.

What a disgrace. Is there no limit to the Catholic Church’s malicious, spiteful, hateful anti-gay bigotry?



  1. Elle B.

    The answer to your question is an emphatic “NO”! There no limit to the Catholic Church’s malicious, spiteful, hateful anti-gay bigotry. This is the cult that protects its criminal pedophiles at the same time they actively work to see that honorable people continue to be denied their civil rights.

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