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  • How To Make Money Selling Scrap Metal, Jewelry, And Other Items Online

    Everyone wants to make some fast money, but is it really possible? I’m a college student that has spent many hours reading pretty much every article online about how I can make some money, and they all say the same things. However I don’t think any of these authors even attempted half of the schemes they suggest. Let’s be realistic, who wants to sell their hair or know how to design a website from scratch, not many people. I’m here to talk about what I personally did to make money and the actual results of my efforts.

    Selling Your Old Jewelry

    Alright I’m sure everyone knows this already from friends and ads posted everywhere, but gold and silver prices are at an all-time high. There’s a lot of money in your old broken jewelry; however there’s a trick to getting the most for your jewelry. First off do not send your jewelry to any of the ads you see on television, one example is “cash for gold”. Yes they do buy gold and silver but they pay next to nothing, and already have several law suits pending from unhappy customers. Some courses are provided to the online learners to gather information about old jewelry. The purchase of the jewelry will deliver to the increased benefits at the site. Proper information is obtained through reputed online courses from https://www.evergreenwealthformula.com/new/ site. The prices of gold and silver are under the budget of the learners.

    If you need the money fast then I would suggest going to several local jewelry stores and see who offers you the most, you can walk in with gold and silver, and walk out within a matter of minutes with cash in hand. However if you’re like me and don’t need fast cash, but are trying to get the most for your items and don’t mind waiting a little I suggest sending it out to a refiner. These are not the same as the companies your see on TV, these are actually companies that take the gold and refine it to pure gold themselves. They pay the highest for your jewelry, and most often then not are where your local jewelry shops are sending the gold and silver they purchase, so you’re cutting out the middle man.

    There are several places to send your gold and silver, but the two companies I’ve found that have gotten good reviews all around, are “Midwest refineries” and “ARA Gold”. I personally use “ARA Gold” and never had a problem with them, I actually recently send in some broken chains and earrings, and received a check in the mail for over seven hundred dollars.

    Selling things Online

    You can always sell stuff online, whether it’s something you know how to make or some old things you have sitting around the house. Everyone knows that you can sell things on eBay, so I’m not going to go into detail about that. I have tried selling things there and you can make money. The trick is finding what consumers want. So many people sell on eBay you really need to have a unique or highly desired product.

    Another way of selling is using online is using online forums. I had a lot of success with this, I found that it was actually easier selling on forums then selling on eBay, plus you didn’t have all the eBay fees. The trick is to know what forums to sell them on. I used to sell old coins online for example. I would go to coin shows and buy some coins for $50 let’s say then I would sell them online for $75 each, I wasn’t getting rich but I was making some good money on the side. Believe it or not, the coins would not sell as fast on coin forums, so I looked around and found a metal detecting forum, and naturally most people that metal detect collect old coins as well, and that’s where I sold most of my coins. Moral of the story is to look around because the most obvious forum might not necessarily be the best one.


    Recycling or also more commonly known as collecting scrap metal can be very profitable. This is my main source of income outside of my actual job. The stereotypical homeless person collecting aluminum cans actually has the right idea. Although aluminum cans aren’t worth so much in aluminum value, a little more than a cent each, their very easy to collect. Whenever we drink soda in my household I crush the cans and throw them in a garbage can. Then once it’s full I turn them in and usually get around $20, it may not sound like much but its better then throwing them out.

    The easiest way of collecting metal is to drive around on “big garbage night” when the town allows you to throw out larger items than usual. You’ll see a lot of garbage like couches and old beds, but there will also be a lot of metal including; washers, dryers, lawn movers, stoves, refrigerators, sinks, car batteries, etc. Most of these items are made of iron which is the cheapest of them metals, only a few cents per pound, however there’s tons of it out there and it adds up very quickly. Another way to find metal is to put an ad up on craigslist advertising “free scrap metal pick up” and you will usually get several calls.

    The best metal you’re going to find is usually copper, which brings in a pretty penny along with brass. Copper and brass are most commonly found in plumbing fittings and pipes, so if you see any sinks along the road be sure to check for any faucets or piping. If you see any wire on the side of the road be sure to grab it, because it’s most likely copper.

    Two years ago my friend and I were really into scraping and we worked pretty hard at it during the summer. We averaged $500 per week collecting the scrap. As you can see scraping does have potential, if you work hard enough at it.

  • Top 5 Internet Marketing Tips For Businesses

    With billions of people spending their time on the internet all the business owners should definitely invest in internet marketing in order to get in touch with their target audience. Here internet marketing through different social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is a valuable resource for all the online businesses. Moreover, services like, https://instaprivateviewer.com are there to boost your marketing campaign as well. 

    In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best internet marketing tips that you can follow in order to grow your business online.

    • As you start with you internet marketing campaign you should focus on your goal and plan you strategy according to that only. Start with planning the goals that you expect from your marketing campaign and work on them accordingly. Structuring your campaign will help you with better management. 

    • Besides using different social media platforms, your business’ website is going to play a vital role in your campaign. Considering this, you need to make sure that your website is optimized and the content that is there on your website will help you in improving your Google ratings as well. 
    • Once you are ready with your website it is really important that you keep on driving more traffic to your website. Here you can offer promotional codes and host events on a regular basis to get your customers to return to your website for more. Moreover, you need to manage the different aspects of your marketing campaign efficiently for the holistic growth of your business as well. 
    • Cross-promotion is also important as that will help you improve your traffic over time while expanding your reach. If you are interested in increasing your business you need to make sure that you promote your business through multiple channels and get the best results with that.
    • Lastly, you need to learn more about the best internet practices that are out there. Here you can learn about SEO or hire professionals that can help you with SEO as that can significantly grow your business. 

    Following these 5 internet marketing tips is how you get to grow your business online.

  • The Best Social Networking Sites for Atheists

    Lacking good local venues for talking with like-minded individuals many atheists turn to social networking sites or start using https://en.instaprivateviewer.com. The relative anonymity of the Internet allows them to locate and safely interact with other atheists and freethinkers via social networking.

    I belong to quite a few social networking sites for atheists. I’ve tried out many but I’ve become comfortable with a handful and stuck with them.

    Atheist Nexus is a marvelous social networking site for atheists. With almost 15,000 members, Atheist Nexus is also the largest social networking site for non-theists. Members get a customizable homepage and inbox. Atheist Nexus currently hosts 682 sub-groups on such various topics as atheist parenting, freedom of speech, and atheist pet lovers. Each subgroup has discussion capability as does the site at large. Atheist Nexus has video blogs, chat rooms, and active discussion forums. The only downside I can think of is that the site is so large and compartmentalized that it’s easy to miss interesting discussions.

    Think Atheist is another multifaceted social networking site for non-theists, freethinkers, and atheists. They have about 250 subgroups for atheists with common interests. They also host video blogs, chat rooms, and active discussion forums. Their general discussion forum is quite accessible and hosts an ever-changing variety of posts. Think Atheist’s tag line is “It’s OK to be atheist.” The main page offers useful tips on how to use Think Atheist to find local atheists. I’ve discovered people in my own neighborhood that I can openly discuss atheist issues with through Think Atheist.

    Happy Atheist Forum is one of my favorite atheist positive sites. It is a bulletin board and forum for the discussion of atheist relevant topics. Membership is open. I enjoy Happy Atheist Forum for its relaxed and informal atmosphere. I also like that the moderation is swift and fair. Trolls and hecklers are dealt with promptly and proselytizing is not allowed. It keeps the forum a welcoming place for atheists rather than a hunting ground for those looking to convert people to religion. Its only downside is that it goes through very slow spells on occasion.

    The Atheist Toolbox forum is another atheist discussion forum. The Atheist Toolbox is a small yet friendly online atheist community. While it often goes through dry spells of activity, its members often provide stimulating atheist relevant discussions and insights.

    Atheist Spot is like a Digg or Reddit for atheists. Users can post links to articles, webpages, and blogs which get voted up and down by other users. The site doesn’t look slick but it’s great at filtering out stories of interest for atheists. Atheist Spot is not as social as other social networking sites so it falls a bit more on the side of social bookmarking though networking is possible via the messaging system. The downside is that it has slowed down a lot lately and had a lot of spam submissions.

  • Higher Ground: A Great Place For Coffee In Union City, Tennessee

    Just a short distance from the University of Tennessee campus at Martin, the Higher Ground Coffee Company in Union City is a quaint little coffee house on Reelfoot Avenue. Though not particularly large, Higher Ground is a very comfortable establishment; near the center of the shop are a large leather couch and a pair of comfortable chairs, gathered around a cozy fireplace and a large flat-screen television; the rest of the shop offers a mix of seating options, including bar-style seating near the counter and the front window, and a number of tables and chairs. Local art adorns the walls, including photos of the various musicians that have played at Higher Ground. The shop offers live music twice a month, and a collection of board games is kept near the fireplace for customers to entertain themselves with. Higher Ground also offers free Wifi, and plenty of plugs are spread around the shop, making it ideal to sit for a few hours and do some work on your laptop. If you are wondering about เครื่องบดกาแฟ ยี่ห้อไหนดี and the coffee grinders that are used by these coffer

    Higher Ground serves great-tasting, quality coffee, but notably lacks a variety of flavors. Their standard cup of coffee seems to come in only one flavor. This isn’t a huge problem, but I miss the offering of flavors such as hazelnut or french vanilla offered at other coffee shops. Higher Ground’s prices are a tad higher than comparable coffee shops; that said, the price difference is only a few cents, and refills can be purchased for .75 cents. Regular customers can benefit from the shop’s electronic punch card. These cards, bearing the Higher Ground logo, are the next step up from the common cardboard punch-out card you see at most coffee shops.

    Appearing similar to a credit card, the electronic punch card tracks a customer’s purchases: once ten purchases have been made, the cost of those purchases are calculated, and the average of the total cost is given back to the customer as a discount on their eleventh purchase: essentially, the standard buy-10-get-one-free coffee deal that most coffee shops offer, but not limited to just coffee purchases. The electronic punch cards can also be used as gift cards with a reloadable balance. The durable plastic nature of the card makes it easier to keep up with the usually annoying cardboard punch-cards.

    Higher Ground offers a variety of pastries (the bear claws are a particular favorite of this author) and salads, but no sandwiches or heavier meal items: they do, however, offer a daily soup. Also on the menu is the standard assortment of hot espresso drinks, smoothies, blended drinks (with titles like Hound Dog Sensation and Just Like Reeses), and hot teas. Again, while the prices are slightly more expensive than most comparable coffee shops, the attention to quality given by the staff ensures that you get what you pay for.

    Parking is easily acquired, as Higher Ground has a large parking lot. The shop also boasts a drive-through window for those customers on the go, an option I haven’t seen at most coffee shops. The shop opens at 6 a.m. and stays open until 9 p.m. Mondays through Thursday. Friday and Saturday nights, Higher Ground stays open to 10 p.m. and is closed all day Sunday.

  • How Much Money Can You Make With Squidoo?

    What is Squidoo? Squidoo is a publishing platform that allows you to publish articles or mini-blogs (called “lenses”) on various topics. Lenses can be edited at any time – you can edit paragraphs, add pictures and links, including polls, ask readers to sign your guestbook, and so on…

    Publishing lenses on Squidoo is easy – you can get started with only a few paragraphs and publish right away. As soon as you hit the “Publish” button, your lens goes live. Squidoo encourages frequent updates to content – it keeps the article fresh and helps the lens to rate better on Google.

    How do you get paid for publishing lenses on Squidoo? Working with Squidoo is a great “Make Money from Home” opportunity. After you publish a lens, it gets ranked by Squidoo. Based on the Ranking, your lens will be in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Tier. Squidoo displays advertising on all Lenses. Revenues from all Advertising go into one pool and then get divided between all Lenses. However, the revenues are not split up equally between all Tiers. Tier pay is different every month (it depends on how much Revenue Squidoo gets from all advertisers), but in order to make money on Squidoo, you need to have your Squidoo lenses in Tier 1 (1-2,000 rating) or Tier 2 (2,001-10,000). In November 2010, Squidoo paid $18.02 per lens in Tier 1 and $3.06 per lens in Tier 2 in Adsense and Glam Ad Revenue for just 1 month; $5.11 per lens in Tier 1 and $0.87 per lens in Tier 2 in InfoLinks revenues, and small amounts in Chitika Revenues. These monthly lens Revenues add up nicely when you have several highly ranked lenses.

    But Tier Revenues are just a small portion of what Squidoo Lensmasters earn with their lenses. Squidoo allows you to add Amazon and eBay items to your modules, and you make commissions on all sales made through your lenses. You may also promote your Etsy shop or other business and paste your affiliate links in your Squidoo lenses.

    There are thousands of lensmasters on Squidoo. But not everyone is getting a monthly paycheck. Squidoo Earnings are not guaranteed. And you may end up spending hours writing articles without any real compensation. But I also know quite a few lensmasters that treat Squidoo like a real job and make nice monthly salaries on Squidoo. It might have taken them a year or two to get to where they are, but they now make a steady income of $1000+ per month, working part-time. I also know of a lensmaster who managed to make as much as $500 per day in affiliate commissions, however, I have to admit, that’s an outstanding result even for someone with an extensive affiliate marketing knowledge. Just like that, learning from Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review is quite similar to this and is seen as a great way of earning money online.

    Still, have questions about making money on Squidoo? Be sure to check out this Squidoo lens: How Much Money Can You Make with Squidoo?

  • Importance of Buying Car Accessories

    As a car owner, you certainly want to give the best and right accessories for your vehicle. Accessories do not just make your car look glamorous but they also make your driving experience a spectacular one. Basically, there are two categories of car accessories: internal and external accessories. Some of the common examples of accessories that car owners purchase are custom dash, floor mars, air perfumes, seat covers, fog lights, car wheel covers, ice and snow accessories, body covers and gas caps. You can check this site for more options: https://mygaragetool.com/30-batman-car-accessories/. When buying accessories, there are some factors that you need to pay attention to.

    One of the main factors that you need to consider is the originality. If you are a type of person who lives originality, then the best deal for you is to go to the showroom that offers all the accessories for your car. The downside of buying original accessories is its high cost. So if you want to save some money, an accessory shop is the best option for you .You can also opt to purchase car accessories from a retailer which also offers lower cost of products. Whether you prefer original or not, it is important to choose carefully the accessories that can equip your beloved vehicle.

    Another factor that you need to consider when buying car accessories is safety and protection. This thing should never be disregarded. As a rule of thumb, if you reside in an area where there is a lot of fog when winter reigns, then buying fog lights is a necessity. In relation, if you live in a region where winter is quite harsh, then buying snow and ice accessories for your car is a must. 

    Lastly, one of the main benefits of buying accessories for your car is that you can save huge amount of money from maintenance. Car accessories can reduce the annual maintenance of your car and it may also help you to lessen the insurance cost.

  • How Social Media Gaming Nearly Broke Me

    I used to get so excited when I received a virtual gaming gift notice. Granted, I didn’t have a lot of time for all out gaming, but mobile gaming on my iPhone or iPad was a breeze with Facebook. It seemed more in pace with my age group and all my friends were playing. It was nice connecting with friends through these mini shared adventures or with a challenging word play. Not every social media game I played cost me an arm or a leg but a few nearly broke me. I’ve had to remove these troublesome apps just to keep my spending under control. With the pictures, there will be uploading of the videos at the sites. Buy Instagram Video Views to increase the sale of the products. There will be involvement of less efforts and time with money for the promotion of the products. 

    So which social media games cost me big time? How did I break the virtual habit?

    Snoopy’s Street Fair: It is my opinion that Charles Schulz would be appalled at how this game is played. When you first load this game, you see your favorite Peanuts characters with their cool, clickable personalities and fun interactions. After a few days, it became apparent to me that if I wanted to see all my favorite characters become involved in the game, I’d have to pay. You buy Snoopy dollars (poor Snoopy, he’s become a schill in his old age) to use in the game. Now the game does give you a few dollars for advancing to the next level but it is never enough to get any of the exciting items. At the end of each week, I’d spend $10 buying 100 Snoopy dollars to buy, well nothing really.

    After a few minutes, I looked over my iPhone purchases and boy was I shocked! I spent $140 on this dopey game. To top it off, when I reset the game, I lost all those plug-ins I purchased. 140 bucks gone bye-bye! That’s the equivalent of a night at a beach condominium or a week of groceries here.


    I wasn’t a huge fan but I played it enough to know this social media game was going to be expensive. You just about had to buy necessary items or recruit a bunch of people to play to get everything required. I stuck to killing rattlesnakes and making my character say, “Howdy, Neighbor!” I only spent $40 on this game but that was enough to make me quit.

    To resist temptation, I went into my Facebook account and blocked all game apps. If something gets by me, I delete the post or block it from future posts. I’ve sworn off social media gaming, (sorry Snoopy!) and decided to save my money for real prizes I can hold and see long after the game is over.

  • Tips For Creating a Diet Plan

    Before beginning any diet, it is necessary to have a diet plan. Creating a diet plan will help by giving you a daily routine to stick to. No matter what kind of diet you are planning to go on, a diet plan is a must. The better the diet plan, the easier your diet will be to stick to. The more detailed you are when creating a diet plan, the easier your diet will be to follow.

    Tip #1

    The first tip to creating a diet plan is to figure out what type of diet you are planning to stick to. There are hundreds of diet options available, to be successful in dieting, you have to pick a diet that will work for you. The easiest diet to follow is one that follows the basic food pyramid. Any diet that tells you to eat lots of vegetables, low sugar, low to moderate carbohydrates, fruits, low-fat dairy, protein shakes for  healthy proteins, will most likely be a successful diet. Although fad diets that include no carbohydrates or just fruit work fast, the dieter typically quits the diet faster and gains the weight back faster and one of the most common questions, when people start including protein, shakes in their diet plan is Does protein powder expire?. You can click on the link to learn more about that as well. I have personally had experience with these types of diets and have found that a balanced diet is the easiest and most successful diet.

    Tip #2

    Once you have decided on the type of diet plan that you are going to follow, make a menu. Use your cookbook or the internet and write down breakfasts, lunches, and dinners menu items that have the appropriate ingredients for your diet. You do not have to put down exactly what you will eat each day but know what items are on the list for each week. In creating your diet plan be sure to list: 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners, 7 snacks, and 7 desserts. You may repeat some of the menu items, especially the breakfast, snack, and dessert items.

    Tip #3

    After picking out menu items when creating your diet plan, you can move on to getting the groceries. First, make your list of everything that you need to prepare your menu items. Even if you think you have the ingredients in the kitchen, write them down. Once you have your ingredient list, check the kitchen for what is actually on hand, and cross off any items you have plenty of supply of. While you are in the kitchen, go ahead and discard any of your weak items. Sure, you may be throwing out $3 worth of chocolate and no one wants to throw money away, right? Losing weight will save on: clothes, food, health care, medications, therapists, just to name a few, so go ahead and throw it out now.

    Tip #4

    At this point in creating your diet plan, you are ready to go shopping for food. There are several keys to food shopping that need to be considered when creating your diet plan. First, shop alone, kids and spouses may want things that are not on the diet or list and as long as you are following a healthy diet, the entire household needs to follow suit. Eat before you shop, there is nothing worse than going shopping while hungry. Not only will the hungry shopper buy things they don’t need and miss important items due to hunger, but you may also even stop to pick up something to satisfy your hunger that you should not be eating. Buy only what is on your list, no matter what. If it is not on the list, it is not part of the meal plan, therefore you do not need it.

    Tip #5

    The menu is done and the food is here, now wait? No, don’t’ wait, prepare any food items you can in advance. If you can make some of the dinners and freeze them, do so. Whatever you can do to have things prepared will help you follow your diet plan. If you bring your lunch to work, make it the night before just in case you don’t have time to make it in the morning. If you have days that you work late or have to get up extra early, plan out quick meals for those days so you will not be tempted to eat out or munch on something that you should not.

  • Dooney & Bourke Small Leather Pebble Grain Leather Handbags: The Newest Collection

    The Dooney  amp; Bourke Small Leather Pebble Grain Leather handbag collection features wild flirty designs, luminous colors and trendy patterns. Here are a few of the latest designs from the Dooney  amp; Bourke Small Leather Pebble Grain Leather handbag collection.

    The Newest Collection of Dooney  amp; Bourke Small Leather Pebble Grain Leather Handbags: Small Safari

    Look sophisticated and fashionably wild in the Dooney  amp; Bourke Small Safari Pebble Grain Leather handbag. This adorable lined designer handbag has an inside zip pocket, inside key hook, zipper closure, two huge outside snap pockets, cell phone pocket, an adjustable leather strap, outside zip pocket and Dooney  amp; Bourke front plate logo. The Dooney  amp; Bourke Small Safari Pebble Grain Leather handbag is made of leather and is available in the colors marine, black/black, brown t-moro and cranberry. Visit Dooney  amp; Bourke online for more available colors.

    The Newest Collection of Dooney  amp; Bourke Small Leather Pebble Grain Leather Handbags: Small Sara

    Don’t skimp on style in the classy Dooney  amp; Bourke Small Sara Pebble Grain Leather handbag. This classy lined designer handbag highlights two roomy outside pockets, convenient cell phone pocket, inside key hook, one inside pocket, magnetic closure, one inside zip pocket, short leather strap handle and Dooney  amp; Bourke hanging logo tag. The Dooney  amp; Bourke Small Sara Pebble Grain Leather handbag is made of leather and is available in the colors black/black, brown t-moro and cranberry. Visit Dooney  amp; Bourke online for more available colors. Information about the collection can be read here at online search engines. Either there is requirement of leather or normal bags, all the important facts and figures will be communicated to the person. It will increase the attention to buy the luxury bags. 

    The Newest Collection of Dooney  amp; Bourke Small Leather Pebble Grain Leather Handbags: Small Chiara

    The Dooney  amp; Bourke Small Chiara Pebble Grain Leather handbag is the ideal accessory for everyday use with a little hint of sophisticated charm. This petite lined designer handbag has an inside zip pocket, inside key hook, practical cell phone pocket, magnetic closure, center zip divider pocket for extra storage. The Dooney  amp; Bourke Small Chiara Pebble Grain Leather handbag is made of leather and is available in the colors black, brown t-moro, cranberry, ivory, pine green, red, saddle and white. Visit Dooney  amp; Bourke online for more available colors.

    The Newest Collection of Dooney  amp; Bourke Small Leather Pebble Grain Leather Handbags: Small Elisa

    Step into summer in style in the Dooney  amp; Bourke Small Elisa Pebble Grain Leather handbag. This cute lined designer handbag has a magnetic closure, two outside zip pockets, inside key hook, short leather strap handle and Dooney  amp; Bourke hanging logo tag. The Dooney  amp; Bourke Small Elisa Pebble Grain Leather handbag is made of leather and is available in the colors brown, grass, ivory, red, white and saddle. Visit Dooney  amp; Bourke online for more available colors.

  • Dating Sites- An Innovative Way to Find an Alternative

    Boy, are we living in trying times or what? People are always engaged in backbiting one another and never look at their own shortcomings because it just makes them feel better and reduces the burden of guilt they have due to the failures they have encountered in life.

    The current lifestyle of the youth is fraught with tension, stress and depression due to immense workload in college where the high expectations of parents and teachers tend to take it out of you with most people losing the will to live and taking the extreme step of suicide.

    They have no one to turn to either at home or at school and as such need that special someone in life to talk to and discuss their problems that they can’t reveal to their parents due to the generation gap.

    Jovial Trivia

    There comes a time in a person’s life when they start feeling the emptiness and the need for love of the opposite sex to make you feel comfortable and the above circumstances only increases their desire manifolds.

    Therefore, to help such people out, there are numerous dating sites online where they can create their own profile and look up those of other girls to see which one matches theirs’ in compatibility.

    Keep in mind that not all сайт за запознанства are genuine as many of them are phony as well so you need to exercise caution before sharing private and personal information for registering into any random dating site you come across online.

    A jovial trivia that has been doing the rounds among youngsters is that dating a woman is like putting the date back in dating, which would be welcome change as that would help both the sides to understand each other better and the need for companionship would mean a healthy future for the couple.

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